Wednesday, March 4, 2009

When Demons Walk by Patricia Briggs

Sorceress. Lady. Mistress. Thief. Just call her an overachiever…

When a spate of horrific murders touches the nobles in the town of Southwood, people begin to suspect a demon.  Kerim, the town’s new protector, is at a loss to discover the killer.  Despite the rumours, he is convinced the murderer is human and hires the help of Shamera, a girl from the slums and a Lady in the old regime, to play his mistress in an attempt to flush out the killer.  But Sham was trained as a mage and she is more than convinced that not only is the killer a demon, but one that she is in danger from.

This fast-paced, quick-read fantasy mystery is a fun read.  The plot is interesting and has a great twist at the end; the characters are well developed and likeable; the dialog is witty.  Not an outstanding read, but a good book for a rainy afternoon. 

Part of my 100+ book challenge