Thursday, February 26, 2009

The True Game by Sheri Tepper

In a world where psychic abilities run rampant and laws are only rules of the Game that those with psi-talent play for power and advancement using living people as game pieces. A young orphan boy named Peter grows up in the schoolhouse with the children of other Gamelords learning the lists of psi-talents - telepathy, levitation, telekinesis, shape-shifting among others - and their moves in the Game while waiting for his own talent to emerge. But when he is caught in the middle of a game of power that almost kills him, Peter is sent away to study at another schoolhouse only to find himself pursued by those who would use his talent for their own gain.

On route Peter stumbles upon a set of carved game pieces and a book, a long lost treasure that will change his fate, set in motion plans long past laid out and reveal the true history of their world.

In this omnibus of Tepper’s first 3 novels of a series of nine,be prepared for fantasy and science fiction to mix with tremendous results and let the Game begin!

Part of my 100+ book challenge