Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Cave of the Dark Wind by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson

Written for a younger audience than “Peter and the Starcatchers”. Barry and Pearson tell tall tales of life on Mollusk Island while Peter is away.

In this first book of three, the lost boys learn of a strange and deadly cave and are told by their friend, Shining Pearl, the terrible tale of the monster “Goat Taker” that lives in the cave and eats the Mollusk tribes goats every full moon. Wanting to impress Peter when he returns, the lost boys, led by James, decide to find out what or who the “Goat Taker” is.

Spied upon by the ever present pirates, who also hear the tale and when they see the boys come running out with a skull with gold for eyes, one greedy look turns the pirates blind. When Hook learns of this he is convinced that the lost boys have stumbled upon the Blind Luck Gold that was taken from South America and cursed to blind all those who look on it with greed. Despite the danger, Hook sets about to get the gold. Can Shining Pearl, James and the other Lost Boys find out what the Goat Taker is and stop the pirates from getting the gold? Read “Cave of the Dark Wind to find out”!

Read by the award winning Jim Dale, whose amazing talent for voices gives extra life to the bumbling Smee, added evil to Hook and further spunk to the boys and their friend Shining Pearl.

Part of my 100+ book challenge