Monday, February 16, 2009

The Tiger Rising by Kate Dicamillo

12 year old Rob Horton can hardly believe his eyes when he finds a caged tiger in the woods near the Kentucky Star Motel where he and his father live. That same day a new girl gets on the school bus, a girl by the name of Sistine (as in the chapel) Bailey.

A tenuous friendship grows between the two when Rob tells Sistine about the tiger and she believes him. As the days pass Sistine teaches Rob be honest with her and express his hidden “not-wishes and not-thoughts” about his mother’s death and in doing so comes to terms with her own troubles. The tiger becomes a symbol of liberty and accountability for the two children, as they learn that memories and tigers can not be locked up forever.

This touching short story of friendship and loss conjures up vivid imagery and metaphor is weaved expertly throughout.

Part of my 100+ book challenge