Monday, February 23, 2009

Rhett Butler's People

Rhett Butler – just the mention of the name triggers a love story set in the deep south amidst the bondage of slavery. But, true to its title, “Rhett Butler’s People” gives the reader an inside glimpse of the other side of the “Gone With the Wind”. Donald McCaig was given special privilege from the Margaret Mitchell estate to write this novel. Of course, Belle Whatling, Ashley Wilkes, Melly and Prissy are part of these people, but Scarlett’s personal maid, Mammy, is rarely mentioned. I guess the author truly wanted this book to be authentically Rhett’s.

I loved this book – especially after the war was over seeing how Rhett made his millions by gambling and owning the Merry Widow as being part of an offshore blockade runner. He is a shrewd businessman, an adventurer, outcast, rebel, dandy, and is heavily in love with the green-eyed beauty Scarlett. I recommend this book to any Scarlett fan.