Friday, October 30, 2009

The Lost Symbol

By Dan Brown

The Lost Symbol begins with an ancient ritual and a secret. Again, brilliant Harvard professor Robert Langdon finds himself in a predicament that requires his vast knowledge of symbology and superior problem-solving skills to save the day, and in this case, a matter of national security. The setting, unlike other Robert Langdon novels, is stateside, set in Washington, D.C. As with other Dan Brown books, the pace is relentless and the revelations are many. The Freemasons organization and its beliefs and origins are at the center of this dynamic book.

Nothing is ever as it seems in a Robert Langdon novel, and The Lost Symbol is no exception. There are flashbacks of Langdon and other character’s lives that give us a more in-depth picture of how and why decisions are made when they are made. As always, there are interesting twists and turns that keep the reader engaged and enthralled. There are also things that will make you raise your eyebrows – you didn’t see THAT coming. This book will keep you interested throughout. Definitely a must read