Monday, October 5, 2009

A Knot in the Grain and Other Stories

 by Robin Mckinley

Meet five ordinary, pragmatic heroines with hidden strengths: Lily, a girl with no voice, who falls for a mage; Ruen, whose uncle wishes to discredit her and rule her kingdom himself; Erana, daughter to a wood cutter who stole herbs from a witch’s garden and was given to the witch as payment; Coral, newly married to a widowed farmer, who is drawn to the strange hill covered in buttercups; and lastly Annabelle, who finds a strange doorway opened by a knot in the grain.

These five tales are full of thrilling magic, beauty and romance.  The first four are love stories set in Damar, the world of Mckinley’s Newbery award winning The Hero and the Crown, where each heroine seeks a place in her world and a partner to complement her own potential.  The last tale, set in the present day is a tale simply of magic and finding a place to call home.

Part of my 100 + readintg challenge