Monday, August 31, 2009

Faeries of the Celtic Lands

by Nigel Suckling

This excellent and well thought out book chronicles the legends of faeries in Ireland, Scotland, Wales and France beginning with the arrival of the Tuatha de Danann through to the Victorian era and ending with the most recent sightings, including the famous controversial photos taken in 1917.

The book mainly focuses on the Irish tales as early Christianity did the least amount of damage to the traditions of Ireland, and many more of their tales survived into present day, but the book also draws on the welsh Mabinogion and other ballads revived during the renaissance.

Suckling presents each of the Tuatha, and the different fairies, such as pookas and leprechauns to the reader giving a central overview, and tales where they are prominent. Before walking us through history as the fairies leave and go “underhill” but their presence, gifts and influence still remain up until Victorian times.

Anyone with a genuine interest in the subject would be pleased to add this to their bookshelves.

Part of my 100+ reading challenge