Monday, August 17, 2009

the Edge Chronicles : Beyond the Deepwoods

by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell

Twig has always known he was different from the other wood trolls, so when his  mother tells him she found him as a baby he begins a journey that will put aside everything that he has ever been taught about the Deepwoods where he lives.  Straying from the path Twig encounters many weird and wonderful creatures, (some of which are even friendly) in his perilious journey of self discovery and soon learns that even the rocks and trees can be dangerous.  Pursued by the fearsome Gloamglozer who haunts the wood,Twig perseveres in his quest to find where he fits in and a place he can call home.

Riddell’s wonderful drawings bring to life the strange characters from this first book in a series. A fantastic book that young readers will love and they will laugh aloud at the terrible, comic and inventive adventures that Twig falls into one right after the other - from being enslaved as a pet to falling in a huge pot full of honey being cooked for the goblin’s meal, just to name a few!   

Part of my 100 + reading challenge