Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Iron Kissed by Patricia Briggs

For Mercedes Thompson, taking over a mechanic workshop of a fae by the name of Zee, living next door to the pack leader of the local werewolves and working on cars for the vampires, a quiet life is hard to come by.  Especially as Mercy isn't what you would call normal herself - she's a walker, having the ability to change, without a full moon, into a coyote.

Having used a weapon of the fae to help kill a demon vampire, Mercy has a debt to pay, and the fae are not ones to let her off lightly.  So, when several deaths on the fae reservation occur, Mercy is asked to put her nose to the test and sniff out what others might miss.  Finding the killer isn't a problem, but when her ex-boss and mentor, Zee, goes to confront him, someone has got there first and the police arrive just minutes later.  Now Zee has been charged for the murder of a human and the fae may just let him swing, but Mercy isn't about to let that happen, no matter the cost to herself.

This third crowd pleasing, paranormal mystery following Moon Called and Blood Bound is a well balanced novel.  Set in a believable world were humans have an uneasy truce with werewolves and the faery kind, having yet to discover the vampires that roam among them.  The troubled atmosphere among the races adds a realist aspect and detail as the story moves us fluently between the pack psychology, human legal proceedings and the fae mentality.

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