Friday, November 7, 2008

A Cedar Cove Christmas by Debbie Macomber

This story could be called a "tear-jerker".

Mary Jo Wyse, a young woman who lost her parents in an accident several years ago, has been under the protection, love and care of her three older brothers. But when she falls for David Rhodes, an older man from another city, one thing leads to another and you’ve guessed it she becomes pregnant. When David finds out he tells Mary Jo he would go to birthing classes with her, which never happens.

David tells Mary Jo he would be in Cedar Cove for Christmas and heavily pregnant, Mary Jo slips away from her brothers on Christmas Eve to warn him and his family about her brothers. After reaching Cedar Cove she discovers no one has anything good to say about the man, and that his parents will not return from a cruise until Christmas day.

The people of Cedar Cove take Mary Jo under their care. The three brothers arrive, after getting bad directions, only to find Mary Jo after her baby girl is born on Christmas Eve whom she names Noel Traci.

Mary Jo returns home with her brothers with the understanding that EMT Mack McAfee who delivered the baby is very much interested in seeing Mary Jo
and her little one again.

Written by Bunny Cowart

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