Monday, September 15, 2008

Modern and Creative Book shelves

If you are like me, you go to the library and check out a big pile of books.  But when you get them home you have nowhere to put them - all the available shelf space being taken up with the books you already own.  So, you end up with piles on the floor that dogs and husband (not to mention yourself!) trip on or knock over.
But fret no longer! Here is a creative idea designed to hold your books without taking up floor space and giving your home an interesting modern art look!
If your house isn't big enough for you to devote a whole room to books, with comfortable chairs to read in, then  this designer bookcase is the one for you!  Inspired by the smallness of modern Japanese homes, kick back and relax within arms reach of your next title!
Need to move large numbers of books and don't want all the heavy lifting.  Then shelves on wheels might be the thing for you!  Just load these shelves up with your school books, work books or reading projects and wheel them from room to room as you move about your house or office!
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