Monday, April 7, 2008

Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz

Herod Sayle has something to hide. A MI6 operative died trying to find out what it was. Now the fate of Britain lies in the hands of an untried 14 year old boy.

Alex has had his world turn upside-down. His only relative, Ian Rider has been killed in a car accident coming home from Cornwall, but there is something fishy about the police report and Alex decides to investigate. Little does he know that his investigation will draw him into his late Uncle’s undercover world, for Ian Rider was a spy for the British government. Blackmailed into taking over his uncle’s assignment and given only two weeks of training, Alex is sent to Port Tallon to discover what Herod Sayle is hiding behind his generous donation of supercomputers, know as the Stormbreaker, to every school in the country.

Join Alex in this fast-paced adventure packed with high-speed bike chases, a Portuguese man-of-war, evil villains and of course, creative gadgets. Brave, resourceful, funny and knowing karate (which is always a bonus!), Alex Rider is a teenage James Bond that teenagers and adults will love.