Friday, April 18, 2008

The Luxe

THE LUXE is set in the glittering and decadent world of turn-of-the-century New York, where romance and intrigue rule the lives of society's elite. Elizabeth and Diana Holland are daughters of one of New York's oldest and most respected families. But when their life of luxury is threatened by the death of their father, Elizabeth must make a marriage of convenience in order to secure her family's financial future.Her fiance is Henry Schoonmaker, a known playboy, who is also the heir of a rich and respectable family. Little does Elizabeth know that her best friend is one of Henry's lovers and had hoped to win Henry's affection for herself. Elizabeth's engagement is further complicated by her own secret love affair with Will Keller, a family servant who grew up alongside Elizabeth.Henry is forced into the engagement by his overbearing and ambitious father. He has some secrets of his own, including a growing affection for Elizabeth's sister Diana. Their involvement offers some of the book's most romantic moments.THE LUXE begins with the disappearance and assumed death of one of the book's main characters, which only adds mystery to the melodrama. The complex plot and attention to detail puts THE LUXE above many historical romances. Its mix of female rivalry in glamorous settings and scandalous plots will appeal to many readers.