Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Temporary Policy for Donations

Thanks to everyone for all the great donations over the last year! We’ve gotten so many and it really helps us to provide you with a good selection. We get a lot of great items! Also, it has contributed greatly to our ability to have awesome and successful book sales in the last year, helping us raise several thousand dollars for our building fund.

But for the next several months (until our building expansion is completed) we will not be able to take as many donations.

Here is what we will gladly take off of your hands throughout the expansion:
-    DVDs
-    Audiobooks on CD
-    Books with copyright dates 2009 and up

Here are the items we will not be able to take until the expansion is complete:
-    Encyclopedia sets or other sets of books
-    Audiobooks on cassette
-    Magazines
-    Books with copyright dates below 2009
-    Large quantities of any items

We ask that you either donate these items to another library who would like the donations, donate the items to your local thrift store, or hang onto those items until we are done with the expansion and then when we are ready and able to store and process them bring them on in to us!