Monday, October 11, 2010

Places to win free books!

Everybody likes to get something for free and the book publishers, authors and bloggers know that giving away free stuff is a great way to get their books noticed and create a buzz about them. If you spend a few hours on the internet you can find all sorts of giveaways and contests from well known authors and up and coming ones.  But, knowing that most people don't have a lot of spare time for browsing the internet, we have put together a list of great websites for you! - Has an ever growing list of book giveaways from authors and members.  You will need to sign up for a free account to enter any of their giveaways.

Free book Fridays - Gives away a free book every Friday to 5 luck winners.  No membership involved

Fresh Fiction - Here you will find (mostly) Romance book giveaways, but many come with gift cards, gift baskets and other prizes. 

Blogger and Author Giveaways - A great blog dedicated to other blogger and Author giveaways.  Each post will have something new, so keep checking back! - If you love cooking this is the website for you!  You will find all sorts of cookbooks and kitchen appliances listed. - Love IT books?  Then check out this page for contests to win computer books!