Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Looking Glass Wars

What if Lewis Carroll got it wrong and Alice was really from Wonderland and not just a visitor?

When Princess Alyss Heart, heir to the Wonderland throne escapes through the pool of tears from her insane Aunt Redd after the death of her parents, she finds herself in the strange world of Victorian England where her talent for imagination no longer conjurers real things. Living on the street in London, stealing for food she is eventually caught and taken to an orphanage where she is adopted by the Liddells of Oxford.

Unable to make anyone believe her story Alyss begins to believe that her old life was only a dream. In one last desperate attempt to tell her tale she confides in Charles Dodgson, whose book Alice’s Adventures Underground is so devastatingly wrong that Alyss gives up and resigns herself to grow up in Victorian England.

But Wonderland needs its rightful queen as Redd, the usurper to the throne is destroying everyting good and wonderful. Hatter Madigan, the royal bodyguard, hasn’t given up on Alyss. Searching for Alyss throughout the world beyond the looking glass, he comes across Alice’s Adventures Underground and finds Alyss. But it maybe too late for Wonderland as Alyss no longer remembers how to use her imagination.

Cleverly interwoven with people and animals from the original tale, Beddor brings the wonder of Alice to a whole new generation.