Thursday, July 2, 2009

Kentucky Sunrise

by Fern Michaels

Nealy Clay was very content with her new husband, lawyer Hatch Littletree, but she was never satisfied with horses.  Nealy was a trainer and not even her daughter, Emmie, could measure up to her standards.

When Nealy returns to Blue Diamond Farms for a family reunion she finds that her daughter has let the farm slide, and that she is planning to send a colt to the Kentucky Derby.

Nealy gets back into the game, taking on the colt as her personal project.  She is determined not to let her daughter's bad judgement cloud the reputation she has built.  Her relationship with her daughter may be ruined, as Emmie fights a battle with a life threatening illness, and could lose custody of her child.

A serious rivalry occurs, and both women engage in a battle of wills.  Both are determined to win no matter what the cost.

Written by Lisa Keith