Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Charlie Bone and the Time Twister by Jenny Nimmo

The year is 1916. Henry Yewbeam and his brother Jamie have been sent to stay with their uncle, Sir Gideon Bloor, headmaster of Bloor’s Academy and father to the hateful cousin Zeke, for the winter holidays to avoid being infected with diphtheria. While playing marbles he finds one that doesn't belong to his collection. But this is no ordinary marble, this is a time twister. Suddenly Henry begins to disappear.

Charlie Bone is beginning a new term at Bloor’s Academy, the boarding school for gifted children. He and his friends are hoping this term will better than the last, but when his ancestor Henry Yewbeam appears at Bloor’s, twisted through time and not a day older than when he left. Charlie must find a way to protect Henry and himself from old Ezekiel Bloor and escape the clutches of the Red King's less savory descendants.

The Children of the Red King series, although aimed at a younger crowd, will please Harry Potter fans and new readers alike.

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