Friday, June 6, 2008

The Last Dragon by Silvana De Mari

This comical fantasy adventure tells the story of the last elf and the last dragon. Originally written in Italian, beautifully translated by Shaun Whiteside and read by Patricia Conolly who skillfully depicts the different characters and races.

Yorshkrunsquarkljolnerstrink is the last elf, an elf born lately. The constant rain has drowned his village and now he needs warmth, food, and shelter or he will die of despair. But the only shelter to be had has been taken by a human woman, Sajra and her dog. He is afraid of her as she will surely cook him and eat him with rosemary, like his Grandmother told him the humans did.

So begins Yorsh’s journey. Almost by chance he, and the two humans with him, stumble across a prophesy, written on an ancient wall concerning the last elf and the last dragon, but before Yorsh can read it all, the trio are running for their lives. How can Yorsh fulfill the prophecy if he can’t find the dragon or read it in full?

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