Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Door in the Hedge by Robin Mckinley

From the master storyteller of the award winning book "The Hero and the Crown", comes a collection of fairy tales which spin a web of magic and mystery around beautiful princesses and their kingdoms.

Here you will discover Princess Linadel whose country is at the very edge of the fairylands. On the eve of her seventeenth birthday she is stolen away from her home and finds she has a difficult choice to make. Princess Rana, courted by the evil prince Aliyander, must save herself and her kingdom with the help of a frog she finds when dropping an enchanted necklace into a pool of water. Meet Princess Korah, who must find the courage to lose everything to save her brother and the one he loves when she encounters the Gold Hind. And follow the twelve princesses who wear out their shoes with dancing each night. Will the soldier be able to see the evil in the beauty that surrounds him so he can bring their secret to light?