Friday, June 27, 2008

Grey's Anatomy

Meredith Grey, Christina Yang, Izzie Stevens, George O’Malley and Alex Karev are new, passionate surgical interns at Seattle Grace Hospital who find themselves under the supervision of one Dr. Miranda Bailey, who has the nickname “The Nazi” for a good reason – she is tough on her interns. But having “the Nazi” as a supervisor is the least of their problems.

Much is expected of Meredith as her mother, Ellis Grey, is one of Seattle’s finest surgeons however, Meredith’s mother doesn’t even recognize her due to early onset Alzheimer's and Ellis doesn’t want anyone to know. Then there is the guy Meredith picked up at a bar the evening before who just happens to be the new head of Neurosurgery, Dr Derek Shepherd.

Christina was first in her class and wants to stay that way. Although eager for difficult surgeries her bedside manner leaves much to be desired. Despite her ambition and abrasive manner she and Meredith soon become firm friends.

Izzie Stevens put herself through med school by modeling lingerie and now has to deal with the consequences. George O’Malley is talented, but unsure of himself. His effeminate nature makes him come across as gay to his fellow interns which does little to boost his self confidence. Then there is Alex Karev whose macho ways keep getting him into trouble.

The cast is rounded out by three other surgeons: The for-mentioned Dr. Derek Shepherd, Dr. Preston Burke who may be the best surgeon at the hospital but his arrogance could get in the way of his ambition. Finally, the hospital's Chief of Medicine, Dr. Richard Webber whose devotion to the hospital is beginning to cause him marital problems.

Told through the eyes of Meredith Grey, this fast-paced, witty medical drama is a welcome addition to the rest as it is packed with action, romance and does not always portrayed the doctors as heroic, but also reveals their humanity in flaws and ambitions that any surgeon might possess.